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Dark Ocean



"It is always a great pleasure to have Stacie on board with us at the Omaha Symphony.  I have been able to engage her both as a collaborative pianist with soloists and in the orchestra.  In every instance, her musical excellence is only overshadowed by her generous spirit and her kindness to her colleagues.  In addition, her timeless efforts to keep chamber music alive in Omaha is a gift to not only the musicians but to our entire community."

Thomas Wilkins, conductor

Omaha Symphony Music Director Laureate

"I've been privileged to work with so many remarkable collaborative pianists, including Stacie -  an incredible artist who has brought to life some of my most technically challenging and personally affecting music in such transcendent ways.  But, what I appreciate even more about Stacie than her boundless piano abilities, is that she is a genuine collaborator: it would be a privilege for any composer to create with such a wonderful artist and human being."  

Shawn E. Okpebholo

Grammy Nominated Critically Acclaimed Award Winning Composer


"I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Ms. Haneline in concert and in teaching master classes, and she was incredibly inspiring in both capacities. Her playing is full of nuance, color, and power, so performing with her was a singer's dream. And when she worked with the student collaborative pianists in our master classes, it was literally thrilling to watch her opening up a world of musical thought to these talented solo pianists, giving them an abundance of tools to use to make the music come alive and to create a true musical partnership with the singers."

Carolin Helton

Pedagogue, Performer and Researcher  

Department of Musical Theatre

University of Michigan School 

Abstract Surface

"More than a great pianist, Stacie is an exquisite listener who adheres to her musical partners.  Her phrasing always has forward motion that conveys the trajectory of the pieces.  She's  like a great actor who deeply understands where each scene in a play is going and therefore the drama as a whole has momentum."

Martin Rokeach

American composer

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