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Stacie and her duo partner, Dr. Jamie Reimer, have collaborated as performers and researchers for over a decade.  Featured performers on numerous recitals and conferences throughout the United States, Reimer and Haneline continue to advocate for opportunities to champion women composers and African-American composers.  Championing the works of American composer, Robert Owens, the duo will release a CD of his works in November of 2020 under Centaur Records.  

The duo is actively presenting research on collaborative partnerships.  Invited to present both nationally and internationally their work has focused on satisfying collaborative partnerships and the responsibility of voice teachers sharing expertise with aspiring pianists. 

Stacie is honored to be part of the leadership team with the International Keyboard Collaborative Arts Society which is the first of its kind.   Esteemed and admired collaborate pianists from academic institutions and freelancers work together to provide support, community, research and opportunities for collaborative pianists while continuing to develop the collaborative field.  

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